My books

If you’re wondering how and where to buy my books, or for that matter what I’ve written, help is here.

Below, in order are links to buy my books and links to samples, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Mystery, cozies and historical.  Browse on down!

I’ve written a little of everything including Space Opera —

Darkship Thieves. Click on the image to go to the Amazon “buy” page!

Click on the cover to go to Amazon.

Click HERE to read a sample!

And the sequel:

go on, click on the link and BUY it!

Or read a sample here!

And what happens on Earth after Darkship Thieves:

Or read a sample, here!

I also write Fantasy.

For instance, there’s my Shifters Series for Baen.  If a lady panther and a gentleman dragon love each other very very much and decide to run a night together, what you have is:

This is an omnibus of the first two books. It’s on pre-order

But you can buy the first two books by themselves.  Start with:

And if you click on the link, you can get your own free copy!

Or if you prefer, you can read a sample here.

It’s followed by:

That one is not free on Amazon (though it is reasonably priced!) If you want to read a sample go here.

And of course the latest one in the series:

This might be my favorite cover ever. The panorama is actually Lakeside Park in Denver, where we used to take the kids when they were little.

I also write Historical Fantasy

In fact, historical fantasy were the very first books I published, with Berkley Ace.  The rights have now reverted, and they’re being brought out by Goldport Press.  They’re only available in ebooks right now, but GP is working on bringing them out in paper!

Or click here to read a sample.

Or read a sample here!

Click on the image to buy or here to read a sample.

In other historical fantasy, there are The Magical British Empire books, which were published by Bantam:

Heart of Light

Soul of Fire

Heart and Soul

Those will be brought out by Goldport Press in the near future.  I’ve asked them permission to change them, so we can put out an author’s edition, since those books were heavily edited and also were written when the author was deep in the political closet.  It’s entirely possible that there is no safe way to write a fantasy about British colonies in the 19th century without being called either racist or hater of the West.  I am neither and I’m cleaning the series up the best I can.  For the rest, there will be afterwords!

As side steps to those books (whose multi-universe “world” will be called Magical Worlds, Goldport Press is waiting on my final edits to Witchfinder before releasing it.

I also write Historical Mysteries!

You can click on the link to buy, or you can read a sample here.

You can click on the link to buy, or you can read a sample here.

Or you can read a sample here.

I’m very much hoping to bring out — soon — The Musketeer’s Inheritance (formerly published as A Death In Gascony) and The Musketeer’s Servant (formerly Dying by the Sword.)  After that, the brand new, never before issued The Musketeer’s confessor.  Unfortunately the copyeditor at Goldport press has been ill which is delaying everything!

I Also Write Historical Fiction

The short and extremely interesting life of Kathryn Howard, fifth wife of Henry VIII

Click on the link to buy, or you can read a sample here.

And I’m very much afraid  I also write other mysteries

These are furniture refinishing mysteries and — I’m very afraid — lighter than air, but funny.  Click on cover to buy at Amazon.

105 thoughts on “My books

    1. Hi. I’ve written a third and delivered it about a year ago. I’m told it will come out in October. After that, I’ll continue the series as soon as it’s out of contract. Meanwhile in a month or two, I’ll be writing Orphan Kitten mysteries, set in the same town (until contract is resolved.) Family moves a door down from Dyce. 🙂

  1. So what about eBook editions? I knew of Darkship Thieves and would read that at a good price, but am really interested in Dipped, Stripped and Dead. However due to unpredictable travel in my job I tend nowadays to only read books on my Kindle.

    Reading what you say about publishing (sounds as bad as the record industry – my wife is a manager in the music business) I realise you might not have much say, but any news?

    1. Darkship Thieves is available in ebook format I think at a decent price at Look under webscriptions.

      Dipped, Stripped and Dead and French Polished Murder and soon to be A Fatal Stain are available as ebooks, but through the publisher. if you search Amazon you shall find them.

        1. Uh. I put my stuff — via Goldport — on kindle EVERYWHERE, so a search on Sarah A. Hoyt should give you a bunch of short stories, at the least. And guys, will someone PLEASE post the link to my novels at Baen. Baen is not on Amazon. As for the mysteries, look under Elise Hyatt. Or email me privately.

      1. Ah, of course; missed that one. Still odd that it did not come up in a search for the title. I shall have to write to Amazon about that. Thanks for the help! Oh, an of course thanks for writing interesting books.

              1. I have told every publisher who has an author whose work I like that I categorically refuse to pay more for a blob of pixels having NO cost to produce copies beyond a few watts of electricity than the price of a mass market paperback. I’d rather send the money directly to the author.

          1. I know this is late to the game but French Polished Murder is no longer on Kindle. The other 2 are still there. Does this mean you may go Indie soon with these. Also, what is t

      1. Hehehe.
        That always seems to get folks’ attention.
        I blend chemicals used for firefighting foam, epoxies, inks, and other things. The batch I was working on is used to stabilize fire fighting foams used on polar(alcohol types) fueled fires. After the hurricane a tank farm in Mississippi had some of the floating roofs collapse and they foam the areas to prevent vapor, and there was that refinery fire in Venezuela as well that ate much of the polar foams in North America.
        This particular batch wasn’t as thick as it can get. There is a variance in the two main ingredients and it finished ranges from maple syrup at room temp to molasses in January. It is a long chain floropolymer molecule that I modify a few of the tails some with a small exothermic reaction. Nothing serious like my old product that would get to 145f when I was doing its reactions … fun stuff when it’s 100 already in the warehouse.
        I use a rather loud gear pump to move it and each tote takes quite a bit of time to pump in/out. I make about 18,000+ pounds of it at a shot.

        I have been reading your posts here for some time and actually hadn’t read any of your works at Baen. I finished off the latest Grantville Gazette a few days before and during lunch at work was thinking of rereading something at Joe Buckley’s site but recalled you and started Thieves during lunch Monday, read it on my phone, at lunch at my work pc and home and you sucked me into buying the eARC for Renegades (~_^).
        I laughed when you red shirted Ringo. Oddly I heard Doc Taylor’s imitation of Ringo for the voice in my head.

  2. I recently finished listening to Darkship Thieves. A great story and the reading was perfect for the characters.

    Please tell me Darkship Renegades will be available in audio. I will buy it on release day, especially if Kym Dakin is the reader.

  3. Not sure how I found your twitter feed – but I’m glad I did. You have a new fan (having grown up on Heinlein et-al). After DST I’ll be buying everything you write. Thank you Sarah.


  4. 🙂 It would seem that I’m ahead of you then – I bought DSR for my kindle and finished it earlier this week.

  5. I just finished Darkship Renegades and really enjoyed the heck out of it. I also want to commend you on what may be the best red shirting ever 😎
    I’ll make a deal with you, you keep writing them and I’ll keep buying and reading them.

  6. I just finished listening to the audiobook for Darkship Renegades. Your writing style is perfect for alaoud reading, especially with a talented reader like Kymberly Dakin, who has been the reader for both Darkship books.

    Both stories are complete in themselves, but I seem to detect an opening left for a third (Darkship Revolutionaries?) in there.

    Did you warn your redshirts in advance?

    1. Of course I warned my redshirts in advance (some of them are there because they donated to a charity in order to be there.) Others are friends. 🙂

      Thank you. I didn’t know there was an Audio of Renegades, already. You want to keep an eye out for A Few Good Men, the first book of the Earth Revolution. I’m waffling on the title for the next Darkship mostly because the perfect one is Darkship Return, but if I call it that my publisher will flay me. ( Books with Return in the title, apparently, get returned. Who knew?)

      1. Darkship Return would mean there would be two books matching the acronym DSR, so something that doesn’t start with R would make it easier to talk about the series in blog posts. Maybe Darkship Homecoming?

  7. Darkship Reappearance
    Darkship Rebound
    Darkship Recurrence
    Darkship Redux
    Darkship Reentry
    Darkship Reflight
    Darkship Regained
    Darkship Rehabitrail
    Darkship Reintegration
    Darkship Rejoinder
    Darkship Rekloned
    Darkship Relocation
    Darkship Remainder
    Darkship Reminder
    Darkship Renewal
    Darkship Reocclusion
    Darkship Repo
    Darkship Reprise
    Darkship Request
    Darkship Reset
    Darkship Retrieval
    Darkship Reunificaton
    Darkship Reversion
    Darkship Reviled
    Darkship Rewritten
    Darkship Rex
    Darkship Reyataz
    Darkship Rezoned

    What, you don’ know how to use a thesaurus?

    1. There is always a full world crossover possible — Darkship Re-finishers.

      Now that just might put Ben into permanent mummy mode, but E would make a great hero.

  8. Sarah,

    I just finished Darkship Thieves. I really enjoyed it and quickly downloaded Darkship Renegades, A few Good Men and Ganymede. I’m hooked.

  9. Olá;

    sou Portuguesa. Já escreveu algum livro em Português? (Publicado?)

    Ou escreveu desde sempre em Inglês? (Pergunto por curiosidade.)

    1. Escrevi muito em Portugues mas nada publicado. Vim para os estados unidos quando me casei aos 22 anos. So aprendi Ingles aos 14 anos, por isso toda a minha “juvenalia” e em Portugues… se ainda existe. Algures, na garagem da minha mae perto do Porto. 😉

  10. Obrigada por responder! Fiquei tão espantada por encontrar uma Portuguesa a escrever em Inglês! E com sucesso! Tive de perguntar 🙂

    Um abraço.

  11. Mrs. Hoyt ,
    I’m a new reader of your books. Started with the Darkship books from BAEN and moved to the shifter series. You have a new fan! My first love is science fiction followed closely by fantasy and I really got into the shifter series. I liked the way the 2nd book ends with the main characters finally seeming to become comfortable with their lot in life. Since I am a new fan, it may be that you’ve already discussed it, but do you have any near future plans to expand on the shifter series? You have a lot of other work published that will keep me busy, but I would love a new entry in that series. I also enjoyed reading your blog on this site. You seem to have a lot of projects up and running currently. Keep up the great work.

    From a new fan,

  12. Aaron, the next Shifter’s Novel comes out in July. It’s titled _Noah’s Boy_.

    1. Paul – thank you for the information regarding the next shifter book. I am now happily awaiting it’s arrival! Have a great day.
      – Aaron

  13. Noah’s Boy is available for pre-order at Amazon. Pre-ordering a book is beneficial to author and publisher for reasons I have forgotten.

  14. Sarah,

    I just finished Darkship Thieves, and am now into Renegades. Thoroughly enjoyed the first, and am already seeing the maturing of your writing style with Renegades. For whatever reason, I like to watch a “new” writer develop his or her voice and deepen in sophistication and style. Maybe I’m just a snobbish editor at heart! 😉

    I am curious about the genesis of the Darkship universe, and Thena in particular. Did she start as a character riff on Heinlein’s stories, like I Will Fear No Evil, or Time Enough For Love? Or did Athena appear fully-grown in your mind one day? She’s a particularly engaging character, by the way. She may be superhuman in some ways, but she also has all of our (sometimes magnified!) fragilities, which makes her quite sexy!

    Hope you keep the series going. There’s clearly a lot of room for several different plot lines and character streams. In the meantime, when I finish Renegades, I’ll dive into some of your other work.

    1. She appeared in my head like Athena from Zeus head.
      In the same universe, the one after Darkship Renegades was A Few Good Men, and I’m at work on the next Through Fire (in the darkship universe.) The rest is fantasy.

      1. Sarah, do you have somewhere a character list (for the Darkship universe)? I’ve got a lot of books I read and I jump around, and I’m trying to reconnect as I start A Few Good Men.

  15. I very much enjoy your stuff on Instapundit and have visited the blog a time or two, but only just now read one of your books, Witchfinder. What an engrossing fun story. Read to 2am and it has been a long time since I have done that. I think you may have another devoted fan. I am only afraid that you have so many stories I won’t be able to afford them all at once and I feel guilty taking the free ones, at least a little :). I hate having to ration myself. Nonetheless, thank you very much for the great read.

  16. While I am not authorized to speak on Mrs. Hoyt’s behalf, I suspect that she would not begrudge your taking advantage of the free offers, especially if you take time to do Amazon reviews praising her work. Honest praise is a form of payment in and of itself, particularly if it encourages others to pay for her work.

    1. I do. I have Crawling Between Heaven and Earth, about 15 years old, and I have Wings. If you get Wings, be aware that I used the proofed version from the paper publisher and apparently it has “gifted” typos. I’m attempting to have it re-proofed but haven’t had time.

  17. Just finished Darkship Thieves. I am stumped though because I recall reading a short story about the Seacities and Broomers and Goodmen. I can’t remember where, when, or the name of it though. It bugged the crap out of the whole time I was reading DT and I still haven’t solved the mystery. Please help this addled reader…

        1. yes. I am working on it, but first I need to deliver the first draft of Guardian to Larry. This took me longer than I anticipated because of family crazy. I hope to deliver it this weekend. If it all works out, look for An Inlaid Death sometime end of the month.

  18. Hello Sara, about your Daring Finds mysteries… Any word when the 3rd one will be available on Kindle? I really don’t want to resort to paperback, but will if I must. Also did I hear you mention a fourth book???

    1. BTW, your kindle version of French Polished Murder had quite a number of editing issues as the book progressed (there were a few in the beginning, but they got more frequent toward the end). I could get through it and thoroughly enjoyed the book, but it was an annoyance.

        1. Hopefully they were good drugs! (Not the kind that make you angry or sullen or deranged – more like Peegrass and less like Fluffy I or II.)

  19. My mom and I are hoping there is a 4th Daring Finds book. Will you be writing more of them
    Vicki Osment

    1. The fourth — a well inlaid death– is almost finished. There are about ten plotted.
      It’s just this year has been…
      Um… two weddings, one major drug interaction that almost put me in hospital, two cons, a big house renovation project (ongoing.)
      But things get quieter after July and I hope to be releasing it August/September.
      E. gets a little brother…

  20. Could someone please list all the books in the Darkship series in order?
    Is it:
    1. D Thieves
    2. D Renegades
    3. D Revenge
    4. A Few Good Men
    It’d be nice if this were posted in the D Thieves product description.

    1. Darkship Thieves, Darkship Renegades, A Few Good Men, Through Fire, and Darkship Revenge.
      It would be nice if Revenge were listed as part of the series on Amazon, but my publisher is unresponsive.
      I promise to put a list up soon.

  21. Why have you been sick since New Year’s?

    I and my wife have been as well. Turns out…insufficiently cleaned humidifiers. Yuck. Plus terrible sleep patterns.

    Either or both sound familiar?

    Hope there’s a cure in there for you, Sarah. And thanks for that wonderful brain of yours.

    1. Nope.
      Mostly because I was born extremely premature, and this messed up my immune system.
      90% of what it does is attack ME while everything else walks in un-impaired.
      Hey, I’ve beat my life expectancy by 57 years, (I was expected to die before morning of the night I was born) and this is no different.
      BUT I’m considering going to bed for a week, instead of trying to work, and seeing if that helps.

  22. So far 5 books in the Darkship series. How many are in the master plan? I want to know how Thena reconquered Eden. And as a father of girls I won’t rest until Thena and Kit get back to Eris.
    My sympathy to Robert Anson. I finished residency 38 years ago, and it’s not near long enough yet.

  23. HI Sarah!

    I hear from Instapundit that you do a book promo. My new novel, “The Conspiracy of 1869,” is now out. It’s the story of Republican president who must face assassins and the deep state of 151 years ago. It’s action-packed, and features the great marriage between U.S. & Julia Grant! And–one must ask–what does John Wilkes Booth have to do with this, especially since he’s been dead for four years?

    I’d be happy to send you a free paperback of it!

    Tim Wuebker

    1. You don’t need to send me a paper back. You need to search this blog for “promo” and read the intro which gives you the email to send this to.
      Mostly because otherwise, I’ll space it COMPLETELY by the time Saturday comes around.
      So, please do that.

  24. I have read the Shifters series, Darkship Thieves and all related stories, and the Magical Empires which IMHO is the best. Am enjoying The Witches Daughter, but still waiting for the rest of Rogue Magic.

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