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The State of the Human Wave – Fiction Version by Alma Boykin

The State of the Human Wave – Fiction Version by Alma Boykin Short version – a lot better than when the idea was, ahem, floated, in 2012. [2012? That’s… a while ago. A geologic epoch in Internet years. Anyway.] The … Continue reading

DUN MANIFESTIN — What Is Human Wave — a blast from the past post 3/2012

*I’m joining with Cedar and Amanda in talking about and  echoing the Human Wave Manifesto.  Mostly because I’m lazy but also because it’s Human Wave Day.  Or something. No Kings, No Queens, No Bleak Meaningless Stories, No hatred of humanity … Continue reading

What Is Human Wave — a blast from the past post 3/2012

*So, why two blasts from the past in one week?  Partly because I was doing the preamble to book plug Friday and it touched on Human Wave, and I thought it was time we had a reminder.  Can you believe … Continue reading

Catch the Wave — The Human Wave Garage Sale

Ladies, Gentlemen, Beings of Furritude, I come not to bury grey goo plotting but to yawn at it and to sigh “I don’t care what happens to all these characters” and — occasionally, when a novel rises a little bit … Continue reading

Human Wave History or Where have all the Stories Gone? — by TX Red

*I fell in love with reading history when I swiped my brother’s high school textbooks when I was five or six.  But by the time I was in college and reading for my American Culture class, I found myself giggling … Continue reading

Human Wave Dreaming

This is not – exactly – about Neil Armstrong.  The truth is that I knew very little about him as a man.  I did watch the moon landing.  I think I’ve told before – you have to remember I was … Continue reading

What is Human Wave Science Fiction

This is a manifesto.  I’m not sure what we’re manifesting, but it’s probably destiny.  Or density.  When you’re dyslexic, it can get confusing.  But in any case we’re manifesting something and it’s a patent manifestation. The proximate reason for this … Continue reading

Oh, the Humanity

So, in my deep dive into human origins (it’s all Francis Turner’s fault, really) and the origins of various groups in Europe I came across what seems now to be a more or less established fact: that modern Europeans are … Continue reading

Being Human – a Blast from the Past from March 2012

*Sorry, sorry, sorry.  It’s still a little busy and insane out here, and today I woke up to snow on the ground, which wasn’t nearly as bad as waking up several times in the night to howling wind.* Being Human … Continue reading

Humans Who Hate Humans — a Blast From the Past Post 7/31/2012

A few of you have asked me to write about Human Wave, and I know I have to – having come up with this harebrained idea, I have to continue with it and give it some shape.  Like a cat … Continue reading