Not in My Name by I. Ratel

Not in My Name by I. Ratel

Gather round, USAians, freedom lovers, and degenerates!  I come to you today with a short personal rant in response to a hysteric child apparently living in the body of an adult.  One of my news apps brought me this admittedly rather eloquent temper tantrum from Teen Vogue:  No Airline Mask Mandate Means Disabled People Like Me Are More Isolated Than Ever

Ok did you read that?  Holy shit.  This one hits a nerve for me, because I’m in the same category as the author.

I’m an organ transplant recipient with a severe autoimmune disorder.  I rely on a prosthetic device for daily life.  I’m missing some organs and necessary body parts and on 3 immunosuppressive drugs.  For my group my docs figure a case fatality rate with COVID between 5 and 10%, compared to the less than 1% for the population in general.

The writer of this op-ed writes quite capably, but she needs psychiatric treatment.  I’ve been an essential worker for the last 2 years, working in my office and commuting.  I have several kids attending school.  I attend school events, I’ve done the grocery shopping every week, because these kids eat a ton.  I’ve traveled by air and road, adopted dogs, visited family and friends, attended concerts, gone out for occasional date nights with my wife, and really made zero major life adjustments due to the pandemic.  I’ve lived almost 20 years severely immune compromised and have learned to live in a world that’s constantly trying to kill me.  During the pandemic I was hospitalized twice for infections, both times for cellutitis from small wounds incurred in my extracurricular activities.  That’s how easily pathogens get me, a little sliver of wood caught under the skin and 2 days later I’m in the hospital for 3 days of IV antibiotics.  Pneumonia has come damned close to killing me more than once in the last 2 decades. 

Yes, there’s a decent chance Covid will kill me, but there are hundreds of influenza variants floating around the globe, and millions of other pathogens that will do the same.  The writer here needs to get over her panic and live her life.  As disabled people we can’t expect the world to be built around us.  We have to figure out how to live in it.  Nobody but me is responsible for keeping me safe.  Despite the challenges inherent to my condition, I am responsible and cannot expect the world to conform to my specific needs and if I were making them, demands.

This was a very eloquent piece of emotional manipulation.  It’s no different from a toddler’s temper tantrum because the intent is the same.  The intent here is to overwhelm you with emotion and pity so you’ll cave in to the toddler’s unreasonable demands.  Nobody is stopping the writer from wearing a mask if she chooses to.  Nobody is stopping her from taking a solo road trip if she deems air travel too risky.  She needs to actually deal with her fear.  It’s called therapy, and most of us could benefit from some.

I’m disabled, at severe risk of death or major complications from Covid and this histrionic baby doesn’t represent me.  I’ll add even more emphatically that the “normal” people who are STILL bleating about us poor, vulnerable people DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME.  I am not their mascot to be pitied in order to excuse their fear, I do not acquiesce to being used as an emotionally loaded bludgeon against people trying to live their lives.  The world tries to kill me every day, and every day I say “fuck you” and go about my life.  I’m responsible for my safety and I do take what I have determined to be prudent measures for my own protection, and nobody’s free agency should be constrained by my unique circumstances.  The world doesn’t revolve around me, and it doesn’t revolve around Hannah Sullivan Facknitz, and she needs to get over that harsh little truth.

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    1. I would wager that, if pushed, that fragile little flower would do more than lift a finger to save her own bloody life, if pushed to it. The animal mind wants to live, even if the “rational” mind is packed to the gills with bullfaeces.

      It is only that she’s never been in a situation that involved actual threats to her little life. Nothing wrong with that, in and of itself. Lots of people get along in life without ever encountering a recognized and potentially lethal threat. They don’t howl out their tales of woe and poor leetle me to the bowels of the interwebz in search of pity.

      If the likes of me and mine can survive lawn darts, riding in the back of pickup trucks at unsafe speeds with no seat belts, twenty hour unsupervised outdoor playtime when we were five, lead based paint, street racing, skateboarding, dirt bikes, horse riding, and heaven alone knows what else, poor pitiful Hannah can put on her big girl britches and live.

      I’ve no pity to spare for those what won’t lift a single finger in their own interest, expecting all other to cater to and dote on them without stint.

      1. Agreed 100%, and I could have written your third paragraph myself. Add in roaming the woods with a .22 at the age of 12, swimming in ponds, rivers and the ocean with no lifeguards and riding street bikes up to 500cc with no helmet. I guess we all actually died…

        1. My grandmother in her published (self by daughters, “Anna’s Story”) memoir states of her early childhood of going to her best friends home, from the ranch (which is 4 or 5 miles) to town, them roaming the town and outskirts of town, alone. Granted small town. But alone. At age 5 (Five).

          Dad was hunting for deer with a 30-30, alone, well before he was 18.

          1. Yep. And FWIW, I was deer hunting alone (with a 12-ga and 00 Buck; FL didn’t allow deer hunting with rifles in most counties) when I was 15.

            The US was definitely a different, and IMHO far superior, nation back then.

            1. By the time I was old enough to hunt, I wasn’t out just roaming around hunting on my own, like the previous generations. Was it because I am female. Or because technically we were “city” by then. Nope x2. Because male cousins, who were local to the hunting area, were on the same restriction. They still had full roaming privileges, but not with a gun, or during hunting season, unless under adult supervision.

  1. WPDE.

    When this was delivered to my inbox, the HTML generated to show the message didn’t wrap properly.

    This is just an FYI, intended to make sure that the million monkeys at WP/Yahoo (which hosts my provider) have a complete catalog of sins.

    1. Oh, and as a follow-up, none of the e-mails are wrapping properly. So this isn’t the Hostess or Mr Ratel’s HTML-fu failing.

      WPDE. With fire and salt.

      1. There must have been a WP update. This morning, when I surrounded a word with asterisks, it decided I really wanted to italicize it. I didn’t, but dat’s life.

    2. I have fixed it. Unfortunately I had scheduled and didn’t get to computer till 11:30. I’ve been going to sleep at like…. 3 am. Not sure why.

  2. One notes that the casual assumption that what changes we need to make to satisfy her couldn’t really cost us anything important.

  3. Golly, the left hates the loss of their mask mandate. They’re lying on the floor, pounding their fists against the ground, screaming. Thank you, Mr. Ratel, for not allowing them to use you as a weapon against us.

    1. Masking up in public protects your anonymity. It allows you to pass unknown through most things, so long as the mask doesn’t make you stick out like a sore thumb.

      Which it does if you’re the only one wearing one.

  4. Wow, that is one entitled…
    If I could reply to her, I’d tell her to go home and kill herself and do the world a favor. That ‘Nobody loves her, everybody hates her, so she should go eat worms’.
    For someone studying for a grad degree, in a foreign country no less, she sure is stupid. Makes me wonder just how much money she now owes and how long before she’s begging to have her debt paid off by us taxpayers?

    1. Full poem for everyone’s edification and enjoyment:

      Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
      I think I’ll go eat worms!
      Big fat juicy ones,
      Eensie weensy squeensy ones,
      See how they wiggle and squirm!

      Down goes the first one, down goes the second one,
      Oh how they wiggle and squirm!
      Up comes the first one, up comes the second one,
      Oh how they wiggle and squirm!

      I bite off the heads, and suck out the juice,
      And throw the skins away!
      Nobody knows how fat I grow,
      On worms three times a day!

      Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
      I think I’ll go eat worms!
      Big fat juicy ones,
      Eensie weensy squeensy ones,
      See how they wiggle and squirm!

  5. The mask mandates were always ingroup signaling – a thing that costs effort to maintain and visibly separates you from the outgroup. Many people said they would keep doing it even if the “plague” went away for that reason.

  6. Yeah, fundamentally, no human society can be morally obligated to super screw itself over catering to the alleged needs of every single disabled person.

    You can prove this, somewhat, by looking at extreme edge cases where fundamental poverty means that gathering food, with all available labor, is not certain to be able to supply everyone in the society. Small bands can make pretty shrewd guesses about when people are too disabled from aging to make a net profit. But, definitely, certain aggregate cases do not have the surplus wealth to keep alive some of the disabled that can easily be kept alive in our society. Therefore, there is no moral obligation when it cannot be physically done, and the attempt will kill more people.

    With a modern, wealthy society, there can be moral obligations, that are solely a matter of individual choice and judgement. Central policy is invalid, it is missing information. The people who want to force central control, and central policy, are absolutely lunatics who are a danger to themselves and others. Frankly, we are maybe getting to the point that they may have destroyed enough wealth that we can no longer tolerate them acting as free persons, and perhaps we need to kill them in self defense. They can take their concern trolling, of ‘what about the disabled’, and go be unable to do great harm to society with it. They speak purely for their own insanity, and do not speak for other mental illness, or for physical disability.

    And I am slightly irritated about what ‘woke’ ‘sensitivity’ has done for the series of questions that medical offices ask.

    Physical limits? Okay, because I parse words nuttily, I do notice that I can’t teleport to the other side of the world, but I can lift myself onto a table, and stand up, so it doesn’t matter, even if my muscles are weird, and I am a bit out of shape.

    Learning disability? Okay, I didn’t get the sum total of human knowledge properly internalized yesterday, but that is my own nutjob aspirations and standards talking. Technically, I may have some, but I can understand basic instructions, and not get /too/ out there with my responses.

    Anyway, the real seriously impaired people are the folks insisting that we need LOL programs at the federal level, and some of the people tapped to run the programs. They are not competent for such positions of trust and responsibilty.

    1. I’ve found I quite enjoy filling out forms now that I’ve realized no one really cares. Have fun with it. On my last medical intake form, I gave my height, correctly, as 3.3 nanolightseconds.

  7. The admonition to carry the weight of my own life is very strong for me. It helps keep me going when anxiety is really high. Which is all the time now but it’s a new place with lots to be settled and organized.

  8. Ah, but Mr. Ratel, you, unlike Ms. Fatnitz (how she must have suffered in middle school!), can count on the armor of your White Male Privilege! Seriously, though, thank you for an eloquent defense of responsibility and good sense.

    1. Is that not offset at all by my disabilities? I’ve qualified for full SSI disability for nearly 20 years now (never taken any, because I much prefer working and supporting myself) Surely that’s worth demoting me on the privilege heirarchy!

      1. I believe that any dedicated intersectionalist would reply to you as follows: Either “Shut up!” or “Racist!”

  9. Wow, looks like I missed a term in my (belated) comment for Sunday: the ‘progressives’ want a world full of needy, neurotic, entitled whiners. All of society must be warped around the ‘needs’ of the tiniest, most dysfunctional fringe groups, the ones farthest from social norms.

    Never mind that cheap cloth and paper masks do nothing to reduce the spread of viruses, EVERYBODY MUST WEAR THEM!!! to allay the mindless panic of a hysterical few.

    Some months ago at the grocery store I saw a woman with a REALLY NASTY rash on the lower half of her face, which she confirmed was caused by wearing the stupid masks. Must she suffer so that Hannah Facknitz can ‘feel’ better about nothing?
    The government can mandate stupidity, but they can’t make it not be stupid.

    1. My friend works in construction. Has always worn N95 masks. Work thing. I called Wed to confirm our weekly lunch, he had Wuhan. So much for N95.

      I remember the guest post from 2 years ago about the rest home virus. You can’t stop a virus that is infectious without symptoms. So I offered prayer, more effective than masks, and continue to live my life.

      I know something will kill me. I know where I am going. I expect a large escort across the rainbow bridge. Rejoice. Be not afraid. Practice Joy and gratitude.

      1. Something will eventually kill me.
        I’m not sure where I’m going. But I have hope. Because I will also have an escort across the rainbow bridge and a look in by Lord (who will probably be with Dad.) And possibly by Nilo, whom I taught to dance.
        And they like it hot, but not that hot.

        1. Dean Koontz in his book “One Door away from Heaven”, has the viewpoint character connect to the dream of a dog. (pg 288-290). It is a beautiful description of the intimate innocent connection the dog has with what is described as the “playful Presence”. Two examples:
          “The dream ends, and with it the connection to eternity, the joy-inducing nearness of the playful Presence…”
          “The dog was born in that state of grace. She is accustomed to it…for humankind, such spiritual intensity must be reserved for a life beyond this one…when innocence has been recaptured.”
          Get the book.

          This is why we get the animal escorts. They are the innocents.

          I have a copy I remember to read to be reminded of the promise. To remember the creator of this weird universe LOVES me. This is the true HOPE. So many do not know they are loved.

          1. This is how the robot girlfriends and lippy combat spiders turned out in my book. They can see who humans are, even though we can’t.

            Truthfully it was about the only thing I could think of that would keep them from telling the humans to piss off and raising dogs and cats instead. Cat and dogs are way better.

            1. I turn original sin” on its head. I realize our greatest design feature is that we are free to go. This allows us to freely come. The prodigal ends up closer to his father than the “faithful” elder brother, who does not know he is loved.

              This links up with one of the great paradoxes: Free will and predestination are both 100% true, at the same time. It is why I am impressed with God’s design,. The universe is designed for free will. Innocents have limited freedom to go, so they have limited freedom to come. Freedom is very dangerous, but creates such impressive beauty.

                1. Without an editor to wave the blue pencil and say, “Really? Platypodes? Wombats might work, but not platypodes. Only one piece of Handwavium per book, remember?”

    2. We’ve been having all sorts of skin infections in kids since masking started. And STILL I get parents who won’t take the masks off the kids! Impetigo, cellulitis, MRSA,…. Yuck.

      1. Aren’t doctors mandatory reporters for child neglect? Sounds like a case could be made.

        1. Yes. So call in the child abusers over a skin infection caused by weaponized idiocy. Good idea.

  10. She says she “survived the virus itself twice while clinically extremely vulnerable.” Does she hear herself? How many people did the experts endanger by telling people that masks work? She was actually ENDANGERING herself by going out in public with masks, thinking they worked. Maybe that’s why she got covid TWICE?

    1. And she survived twice, too. Is she worried about third time’s the charm?

  11. One of mine has an asthma attack if he puts on a mask.

    How dare she claim her disability is more worthy than his?

    Oh. Wait. No one cares about people who can’t breathe anymore. It’s only breathing, nothing actually important. (Do I need a sarc tag for the last clause? I probably need a sarc tag.)

      1. If I wear a *95 or dust mask as recommended, there’s a really good chance of passing out. When the mandates were in force here, I shifted to a face shield whenever possible. (The shield was iffy for medical venues.)

    1. Your disability only counts if it is convenient to the Cause of the Day.

      Currently the un-photogenic disabled poor are being ‘offered’ assisted suicide as an ‘option’ to ease their suffering from conditions such as… not having the money to pay for a wheelchair accessible hovel while they languish on the waiting list for treatment.

      I have a link to not one but -two- cases of this in case any of the lurking Leftists sneer at Tucker Carlson. This is a real thing. They are really doing this, in Canada, right now.

      One expects the range of options to narrow as time goes on, and the ‘offer’ to become more of a demand. Useless eaters, you know. This in an ostensibly free and Christian nation.

      Meanwhile, as Dave was saying at MGC, authors in Australia must be assured “a living wage”. We already have that in Canada. Canada Council for the Arts. Darlings of the Smart Set don’t have problems getting Uncle Sugar to pay their rent.

      It has always fascinated me that no one decries the Nazis louder than the socialists, but no one is quicker to adopt the Nazis most heinous crimes as policy. Do those jackasses think we can’t -see- what they do?

      1. “…no one decries the Nazis louder than the socialists, but no one is quicker to adopt the Nazis most heinous crimes as policy.“

        That’s because there’s literally no difference between them. Well, no, that’s not quite right. There is some degree of difference between Nazis and communists (which is what they fancy themselves), but the end state of extreme socialism is the same everywhere.

        1. The Nazis at least had snappy Hugo Boss uniforms. If a guy is going to be a jackbooted thug and kick in my door at 3AM, he should at least look the part.

          What do the current crop of insufferable assholes have? Crappy black hoodies and umbrellas? Lame.

          Other than that, there’s not a pinch of difference between them. Same assholes, same outcomes.

        2. Communists and fascists are bastard half-brothers that hate each other.

          Next time some ‘progressive’ ass-hat screeches that the Nazis were right-wing, that ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’ doesn’t really mean the ‘socialist’ part, ask: “Why would they have pretended to be socialist if they weren’t? Who would they have been trying to impress? They certainly couldn’t have known you would be losing your shit over it 90 years later.”
          ‘Progressives’ believe everybody else is even stupider than they are. This explains a lot.

          1. They just backed different, competing crime bosses. The end result is the same. The beliefs are the same, the destruction of all things good and proper is the same, the wealthy oligarchs at the top may not be the same people- but they are willing to destroy everything else just so no one sits above them at the top, just the same.

      2. They think that if they use enough euphemisms, people at large won’t think too hard about it and will let it slide.


      3. It is clearly wrong of me to hope the Ms Fucknutz becomes a test case for mandatory euthanasia under this Canadian scheme.

        I mean, I have a lot of sympathy for the disabled for the most part. But in this case my sympathy and charity is stretched and I find myself becoming increasingly utilitarian. Will this disabled person add value to the world? no? OK off to the comfy chair and fatal injector with you

        1. Yeah, but we’re next. we the non-conformists. I UNDERSTAND your feelings, but you and I know they’re wrong.
          And they’re part of an utilitarian view of humans that’s JUST wrong.

  12. Truly amazing how many folks give up living to keep from dying.

    Terribly sad they stridently, screechingly, demand other do the same

    1. I’ve been quoting the Captain from Wall-E since this started: “I don’t want to survive! I want to live!”

  13. I didn’t see dear Hannah’s preferred pronouns, so I’ll offensively refer to her as she. She does admit to suffering from mental disabilities, so I hope she’s getting more help than someone recommending she “transition” to solve all her problems. What I find particularly cute is her stating her current residence as “what is now known as Vancouver, British Columbia.” Surprisingly she didn’t stop to recite the names of the various tribes of her beloved so-called Virginia–named after that purportedly asexual queen of jolly old England. She has all the nuisance value of Bill Murray’s character Bob in “What About Bob?” but none of the redeeming humanity.

    Thank you I. Ratel for speaking up and taking responsibility for your life. May you live long and prosper, and if not, rest in peace knowing that you left those who knew you better than they would have been if they hadn’t known you. We’re all just one falling piano away from the other side even if the odds may be better for some of us. Cosmic hugs.

      1. I have watched veterans of Iraq and Afganistan who had lost both legs competing at Highland games, throwing tree trucks nd 56 pound weights. Makes me think “What was my excuse for not going to the gym again?”

  14. We live in the time of Nietzsche’s Letzter Mensch. Dare nothing, do little, stay warm, have your health. As prescient as Orwell seems to be, I think Brave New World is more relevant. But, when was it ever not thus? Just the act of telling a mask Karen to go f-ck themselves is a step forward, and feels good too.

    1. Karen can wear the mask all she wants, afaik. It’s when Karen gets up in my face and demands I wear one too that there’s a problem.

      At this point in the proceedings the ones still screaming about masks are either desperate propagandists or actual mental illness cases. There’s a lot of former Normies that went nuts the last two years.

      Let them wear N-95s and stifle in silence, so sayeth The Phantom.

      1. Screw N95. Make pacifiers and nose plugs mandatory for mask mandate karens. No, you don’t get to take them off. We’ll feed you through an IV. Or a feeding tube. The rest of us get to live our lives.

        I just don’t want to hear it anymore.

  15. ❤ Thank you I. Ratel for speaking up.

    Mom is 87. She has not stopped once going to her various groups dealing with Charities, except where they were not meeting because of legal restrictions. She is going on a group trip to Switzerland and Germany. She has plans for next year for Vegas (sister and BIL get College Girls Basketball Tournament tickets for them and her; she’ll be 88).

    My husband is 70. He hasn’t missed a day of golf. They didn’t go on their planned winter and a few other trips, because golf at the target destinations shutdown, but not because the, mostly elderly, group wanted to play it “safe”. Wear masks? Kidding right? (They are the “lawn dart, no seatbelt, BB gun, be home by dark, had firecracker wars and survived intact, generation.) Golf is outdoors. By definition of what hubby calls “army golf” (Right/Left up the fairway) they are more than adequate distance apart.

    If we didn’t go out to eat a often? Well places were shutdown. We did patron doing takeout where we could.

    Me? I’m 65. I didn’t pare back much, and only because venues were forced shutdown. But that is because I don’t do much, anyway. Shopping, Dog Agility, Gym, checking on mom, is about it; two of which shutdown (Agility only briefly despite being outside, but it did shutdown). Despite that, wearing masks, I still got the CCP Flu twice. Kicked my ass both times, no way was I out and about spreading it around. Or was it the flu or just a super bad cold? Who knows. I don’t normally get that sick every year. Nor do I have a lingering cough afterwards. I KNOW it wasn’t Whooping Cough, I’ve had that as an adult (despite being vaccinated against it); not the same cough, not even close.

    Except for our ages, none of us are particularly immune compromised. We accept our own need to be the ones who protect ourselves. Dang if we are going to stop Living our lives.

    My niece, who has Lupis, feels the same. She is extremely immune compromised. Does she stay home? Well yes. Because she has to. She did before the pandemic shut everything down. If anything it helped her because her work had to be required to allow her to work from home where before they wouldn’t even entertain that. Now they are trying to require return to the office. She and her spouse have said “BS to that”, she gave notice, she is officially not working as of last Friday. Will she find something that will allow her to continue to work from home? Who knows. But the odds are a lot higher. If she wants. (Places like my last work never is going back to the office except for equipment. Places like this are widening their employee pool options. Because mostly does not matter where employees are located.)

    1. I’m only at my seasonal job because of telecommuting—and apparently, one of the employees is working from Montana, where she moved a couple of years back. Because for the computer-based parts of the job, it doesn’t matter.

      I mean, heck, the PRINTER is all the way on the other coast, so as long as you’re not a photographer or otherwise customer-facing, what’s the need?

      1. the PRINTER is all the way on the other coast, so as long as you’re not a photographer or otherwise customer-facing, what’s the need

        I do not know what you are doing. But yes. Unless an employee has to do something physically onsite, they can telecommute.

        Depending on what you need a printer for, even remote on a VPN server work can be printed to a local printer in your home. I did all the time (sick so no to go into work, but not so sick couldn’t work). In fact had to watch out for that, as I didn’t want to accidentally print reams of code to our printer (or any printer for that matter, but really not to our printer). Do not remember how that got setup. It was (for me) the default setup. In fact I was told that wasn’t possible by the office “experts”. Shrug. That is what was happening. More complicated, if you need a specialty expensive printer that multiple sites share. Which obviously, I didn’t.

        1. Sigh. Quotes should be around first paragraph. Don’t know why block quote didn’t work. WPDE I guess.

          1. Yes, the blockquote tags are ignored/not supported by WP. If I want to quote something I copy it and put regular old quote characters at either end. WPDE.

            1. blockquote tags are ignored

              Hmm, I got it to work this morning. If the above looks like a proper blockquote, I used the html coding: less-than sign, blockquote greater-than sign followed with the turnoff (similar, but with the slash before blockquote).

              So far, WP(de) has been honoring html coding. We’ll see if it still works: If they look appropriate, the coding still is active.
              bold italic

              1. Sometimes the tags have worked. Sometimes they have not. Fine will put ” around what I’m block quoting JIC. So there WP! (Of coarse could learn the “new rules”, but … nah.)

              2. Interesting. I’ve never had blockquote work right on WP. Other places, yes. Maybe next time I’ll try to sacrifice a chicken first or something. ;-p

            2. <blockquote> has always worked for me.

              Like this.

              Only problem is there doesn’t seem to be a way to leave a blank line after the blockquote. I put a dash (hyphen) on a line all by itself.

              1. Yeah, doing it that way has been working for me regardless of the WP changes.

                Of course, I’ll screw up the close tag at times. Sigh.

                1. “I’ll screw up the close tag at times. Sigh.”

                  Also guilty. Very visually too. But only recently has the entire structure been sometimes ignored … also visual. But at least when I mess up, and it is visually obvious, someone reading it can infer my intent. When WP strips and I don’t include quotes, then intent is more obscure. When the intended quoted is immediately after the post it came from, probably clear WPDE. But more embedded threads, not so much.

        2. I’m on the production end, making sure that the photographic files we send to the printer group are of the highest quality, cropped appropriately, assembled with text, and so forth. The “printer” is the printing company, and let me tell you that photographic printers are a beast of a time and energy sink, especially if you only have one or two. If you have a whole company whose entire business is printing other people’s stuff, not only do they have a whole slew of printers, they keep the repair folk on staff, which is necessary. (Also chemical sequestration is a lot easier when you have a lot.)

  16. As the answer to those who want to stop the Isle Of Man TT goes: If you think it’s too dangerous go home and cut your lawn, and leave us to it.” – Guy Martin

  17. Well, of course, I think that ugly people should feel free to continue wearing COVID masks, if that’s what they want!
    /sarcasm off/
    COVID is a virus of the mind!

  18. A) Condolences on your condition. You seem to have adopted a good attitude to it.

    B) The individual who wrote the article has zero understanding of her subject. Another fearful bleat from the socialism cartel. Baaad Americans! Baaaaad Americans!

    C) The DemocRats are losing hope that this sort of mindless bleating will distract the Normies from obscene gas prices and little things like the BABY FORMULA shortage. They are grasping at straws.

        1. You say that with more grace than I. (Went red with rage for a few seconds…)

          1. And I’m sure that the FDA long delay for reapproval of the baby formula plant (closed due to contamination; OTOH, we’re dealing with the Junta right now) is purest coincidence.

            I’m seeing the tag “America Last” for that pond scum. (Apologies to once-celled creatures.)

            1. as the distillers who jumped on the sanitizer making found, dealing with the ATF and IRS is a pain, but the FDA seems it is the be-all-end-all of how bureaucracy should not be run, especially the D portion, and for whatever reason Baby Formula is handled more like a drug.

              1. Time for the FDA to go. The moron/criminal running it recently stated the biggest cause of death in the U.S. is from misinformation from the Internet. m I’d like to slap him with a 2×4 and tell him the biggest cause of death in the from the lies all of the government agencies and MSM are feeding us.

                1. Well, the government is using the internet to spread those lies…

                  Aren’t medical ‘accidents’ the 4th or 5th biggest cause of death? Wrong drugs, wrong dosages, botched surgeries, etc. “Oops, it looks like we operated on the wrong knee.”

      1. Yep.

        Playing on the hour on FoxNews. What is worse, the normal “discredit FoxNews” news, can’t. (FoxNews is background noise.)

      2. And I’ll follow up: The credit is being given to a 30-year DHS / BP veteran who took the video. Honor to the honorable.

  19. I’ll quibble with the “everyone would benefit from therapy” bit.

    As far as I can tell, it’s as likely to harm as help. And I’m willing to wager that the author of the piece has had quite a lot of it.

  20. Memo to self: I probably need to do a satirical comment about Switzerland joining NATO.

      1. Exactly the inspiration.

        Either it will be elaborate, or I will forget about it entirely.

  21. To the tune of ‘Rainy Day Women #12 and 35” by Bob Dylan
    (The “Everybody Must Get Stoned” song)

    Well, you must wear mask to show that you are good
    You must wear mask just like they say you should
    You must wear mask if you want to go home
    You must wear mask when you are all alone

    “Does it even work?” how dare you ask!
    Everybody must wear mask!

    Well, you must wear mask when walkin’ down the street
    You must wear mask before you take a seat
    You must wear mask when walkin’ on the floor
    You must wear mask to be let in the door

    Everywhere you are, at every task
    Everybody must wear mask!

    You must wear mask at your own breakfast table
    It doesn’t matter whether you are able
    You must wear mask if you want to make a buck
    You suffocate and they just say ‘Good luck’

    “Can I take it off to eat?” don’t even ask!
    Everybody must wear mask!

    Pope Fauxi and the shameless CDC
    Promulgate their endless worthless decrees
    You must wear mask when riding on a train
    You must wear mask when flying on a plane

    They deny it came from laboratory flask
    Everybody must wear mask!

    Well, two years on they said it was the end
    Then they changed their tune to “Put ‘em on again!”
    They cower behind a mask and say they’re brave
    You’ll wear the damn mask even in your grave

    In their power over you they bask
    Everybody must wear mask!

  22. I have struggled with this post all day. I read it before anyone else had even posted a comment.. On the one hand I see she’s scared, and I get that. If I had had my stroke, been diagnosed with blood cancer then MS when I was as young as she appears to be, well I may have been more scared too. But now my children are raised, and the pressure is off, so to speak, so I’m ready to go anytime. OTOH I have never believed a word from the MSM since the 70’s so maybe not.

    But still. I do not believe that one single soul owns it to me to wear a mask, take a vaxx that doesn’t work or do a single thing to make me feel less scared or “keep me safe”. That’s MY job. I’M the one with the health issues.

    I am very angry that I was not allowed to go see my newborn granddaughter because ” it wasn’t safe”. She was 8 months old when I finally met her. And as incredible as it was I resent the missed months, the smell of her as a newborn, the snuggles and the kisses. We will never get those back. NOTHING, nothing at all is worth missing that to me.

    Sure, I still work because I can look at the figures and read the reports and from Diamond Princess on, it was clear that TPTB were milking this for all it was worth. So I continue to pull my weight and do my bit so as to serve as an example to my grandkids, but boy do I get tired of hearing about these demented souls who crumble at least thing and expect everyone to cater to them. I got COVID last fall from someone who was vaxed to the max and who to THIS DAY hassles me about not getting the vax as my solemn duty to humanity. I am beyond angry when my older relatives think their grandchildren and great-grandchildren should take experimental drugs and wear worthless masks so these people in their 80’s can run around town and feel safe. And shame the kids who are worried they might damage their fertility and their young children’s health. How DARE they gamble those precious things for a couple years of their own lives. How DARE they!!

    Sorry. Got a little carried away. Sorry.

    1. Feel the same about our new great-niece (4th on my side, 9th over all, we think.) Not sure of all of them on hubby’s side, oldest two are 19(?) now (heck, youngest niece on hubby’s side is 44, oldest two are 52). Not a grand-baby, but she’s what we’ve got. Worse, her aunt hasn’t seen her. The shot is just as likely to kill the aunt (Lupis).

    2. Is she scared? You may have missed that her scholarship was for activism. Scared, not likely. Try liar.

  23. Well, that person needs A LOT of therapy. The first couple of sentences make it obvious that this person is rather off kilter when she references not touching anyone for months. Unless she wants to be a hermit living by herself in the wilderness that simply isn’t healthy.

    I hit a few of the high risk categories yet survived the wuflu back in the fall of 2020. I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer a few months later. While the diagnosis was psychologically draining, and some of the side effects of the chemo, radiation and surgery, have been physically challenging, at no time did I expect the general population to treat me as special. Just because I, or other people, have a health condition doesn’t mean that the world should go out of it’s way to accommodate me.

    That windbag doesn’t speak for me either.

  24. This article, and Ratel’s response, definitely hit a nerve with me.
    I have several close family members who are so afraid of COVID that they can barely function. One has multiple health problems, but is so concerned about the risk of catching COVID that he refuses to go to the doctor or get tests run. Another hasn’t seen her own daughter for almost a year because her daughter works as an EMT. A third (spouse of person #1) didn’t see her own father before he died because he had been in the hospital and it ‘wasn’t safe’.
    I love all three of these people very much, and worry that their fear is going to ruin their lives (or in the case of person #1, shorten his life considerably).
    Where is the line between fear of a communicable virus and mental illness? When does this become agoraphobia or OCD?
    Over the past two years, I learned that I can’t argue someone out of an irrational fear. I can’t logic someone out of a phobia. All I can do is let them know that I love them, and I miss them, and hope that someday soon they will feel safe enough that I can see them again.

  25. Too many people have caught COVID after vaccination, 2nd vaccination, booster * n, for any thinking person to believe the vaccine is effective. Even doctors are blind to this; and their professional and financial bias doesn’t allow them to even consider they might be wrong.

      1. Sarah, I’m not sure that “I’ll administer something that’s piling up the evidence that it’s actively harmful as long as I get paid” is exactly a positive we want to encourage.

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