The writer is jealous of the cat – a not quite story.

It is a well known fact that all humans are jealous of cats. How could we not be? They’re more agile, more beautiful. Their minds can take in both casual cruelty and complete, serene rest.

When the writer looks up in the middle of the day and sees the little white and grey cat asleep on the chair next to hers, belly up, blissful whiskers trembling in the stream of his exhalations… How to resist getting up and tickling the fluffy dandelion belly?

The cats protects his belly with front paws and looks up at writer with confused blinking eyes as if to say aw. Let me sleep. What was so important you had to wake me?

After a moment he stretches. Since I’m up his walk says, as he bounces out the office door. I might as well see if there’s anything good in the old food bowl.

If the writer is very, very good, perhaps in another life, as a reward, she’ll come back as a small grey and white puffball of feline fluff.